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The Valley Outdoor Association (VOA) was formed in 1973 by a small group of people intent on experiencing and sharing their love for the outdoors. We are a small club of approximately 300 adult members, and are loosely based in the Fraser Valley (if you wandered here from Google, that's near Vancouver, BC). Members hail from all over the Lower Mainland, with the majority being from Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Surrey & White Rock.

Juan De Fuca Trail

Our club offers a wide variety of weekend activities for all fitness and experience levels. There's also an active group of mid-week hikers if you have the time. Destinations are ad hoc with the group picking next week's hike over coffee and ice cream after a hike. Birthday people get an extra vote! Wednesday is the most popular day with one of more groups heading out to enjoy the day together.

We're also on Facebook at Valley Outdoor Association.

A schedule of activities is mailed to members every 3 months.

The VOA is a member of the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia, (the FED or FMCBC), along with 22 other outdoor clubs in BC. Together we all represent the interests of non-mechanized outdoor activities throughout British Columbia and address mountain trails and wilderness access for all. Our combined interests are for recreation, conservation, outdoor uses, outdoor education and safety for British Columbians.


It's like Summer all year now

The July 2015 Bulletin is available.

I'm a Miner '49er

How often have you driven past Britannia Mine and wondered what was inside? On November 23rd 35 VOA members showed to take the tour. These days we use candles to set the mood for a romantic dinner. In 1900 that was the source of light working in the mine. Dave made a smilebox of the event.

I love the smell of chainsaws in the morning

Sometimes a trail needs a little TLC and sometimes you need power tools to make it happen. (more photos...).

The Cycling Jerseys are a Hit

And it makes it easier for the trip leader to keep track of their flock. The jerseys have been spotted all over the world (more photos...).

Celebrating 40 Years of Outdoor Activity

Dianne Wharton has spent the last couple of years compiling the reflections and events that have occurred over the past 15 years since the 25th Anniversary book was published in 1998. The VOA 40th Anniversary is in PDF format and can be downloaded for viewing on your computer or tablet.

There's no printed version available from the club but you can take the PDF file to a printer like Staples (or do it online at staplescopyandprint.ca). The document is 220 pages and about $20 to print a black & white copy (the picture quality in B&W is ok, not great). Be sure to order double sided. You can order 3-hole punch paper or add a plastic or wire binding.

Now on Facebook

Some members are now posting on Facebook and sharing on the Valley Outdoor Association page. Paul has added pictures from

Check out other pictures from Paul and Keith at Valley Outdoor Association.


Dave has been organizing his pictures and added a little music. Check out his smilebox for

Updated Club Photos

Pictures (with comments) are also welcome for our web site and can be emailed to Hilmar. Several members are posting on the VOA Facebook page.

Backpacking the Hudson Bay Heritage Trail
September 12 - 18, 2014

(more photos...)
Sooke, BC - Galloping Goose Weekend
August 2 - 4, 2014

(more photos...)
Agassiz - Harrison - Seabird Island Loop
June 22, 2014

(more photos...)

Trail Talk

Fort Langley - Campbell Valley Cycle

We led a cycle trip May 10. The weather was perfect with a thin overcast and temperature of 20 degrees.

We had about 20 people for the ride so we split it in two with Christine leading one group and me leading the other. The route took us from the Walnut Grove Community Centre south past the Langley airport, up the hill then east and north to the Otter co-op for lunch. We came back via 264 street and Fort Langley. About a dozen people came to our place afterward for refreshments.

Overall, a great day!

Murray McDonald

Galiano Hike

On Saturday, April 11, eighteen happy hikers boarded the Mayne Queen, cruising to the "exotic" Gulf Island of Galiano led by our trusty "Captain" Rodney Edwards. OK, perhaps a slight exaggeration, but there was no exaggerating our stellar day beginning with the dark curtain of clouds parting to reveal blue skies bathed in sunshine. Upon disembarking, our first port of call was Bluff Park but a sweet little bay at the foot of a flight of stairs beckoned us down. Half of us took the bait and succumbed to the warmth of the driftwood-strewn beach leaving the others to patiently wait for our return. Continue reading...

Cherry Blossom Cycle

The Cherry Blossom cycle took place despite dire forecasts for heavy rain and the possibility of very few blossoms still being out there due to our very mild winter and early spring weather. It was a joint activity for both VOA and North Shore Hikers (NSH) members. We had 5 participants from VOA and 4 from NSH. As it was not raining at the start time the cycle went ahead. Continue reading...

Backpacking the Hudson Bay Heritage Trail

Mid September, 4 of us ventured out to do a section of the recently upgraded 50 km cross over route that followed the old Hudson Bay Trail. Originally a First Nations route for hunting and trade, the HBC Trail played a key role in British Columbia’s early development. Completed in 1849, the HBC Trail was built by the Hudson’s Bay Company with the help of local First Nations. They built the trail to link the Fraser River at Fort Hope with Fort Kamloops and other important fur forts farther north to Stuart Lake. Continue reading...

Darrell is lost on the Appalachian Trail


But he still has Internet access and is with John and Sandy and some new friends. You can follow Darrell's travels at Darrell on the AT.

Looking Ahead in 2015

Yes, it's time to plan your 2015 adventures. Check the April bulletin for more information.

Hiking Baker

September 4 - 7: This is a two night three day weekend of hiking at Baker with a wide variety of amazing hikes to choose from and the best time of year to do it. Our accommodations will be rustic - dorm style at the Baker Mountaineering Lodge close to the ski area and Lake Ann. Approximate cost of $115.00 CA p/p (depending on where our CA $$ is "at") for the two nights and including 2 breakfasts & 2 dinners.

Limited spaces available, please contact Chris to get your name on this list.

Upcoming Events

For more information about an event contact the trip leader. Don't wait until the night before to call. Updated phone and e-mail information for events is in the July bulletin.

August 22
Buntzen Lakeview
Contact: Urszula Jedrzejczyk
August 22
Alouette Mountain Crossover
Contact: Dianne Wharton
August 22
Bellingham Farmers Market
Contact: Lorna Riddell
August 23
Park Royal / Seymour Dam
Contact: Jeff Roger
August 29
Ferndale / Lynden WA
Contact: Rick Anvick
Border Id required.
Friday September 4
Monday September 7
Mount Baker
Contact: Chris Larson
Two groups of 12 = max 24. Border Id required.
September 5
Walk Campbell Valley
Contact: Beatrice Lee
September 6
Derby Reach East
Contact: Jeff Roger
September 7
3-Boroughs Ramble
Contact: John Patterson

Grading of Hiking & Snowshoeing Trips Grading of Cycling Trips
Elevation Gain: Distance: Elevation Gain: Distance:
A - up to 500 m 1 - up to 10 km A - mostly level 1 - 40 to 50 km
B - 500 - 1000 m 2 - 10 to 20 km B - some hills 2 - 50 to 70 km
C - over 1000 m 3 - over 20 km C - mostly hills 3 - over 70 km


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VOA is a member of the FMCBC.
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